So we were chatting in the kitchen the other day and we have all walks of life working at our Melbourne Feast Kitchens, from professional chefs that have worked at high end restaurants to mothers that have perfected pasta sauces and protected secret pasta sauce recipes. Then the all mighty question came up –  what meat do you put in your bolognese? Well, this was the start of a discussion that still continues today. Some families do a mixture of pork and beef. Some families from the North of Italy even put boiler chicken in the mince. Some modern recipes are even putting Thai fish sauce in as a flavour enhancer. This question of what goes best in Bolognese gets more complex as we peel the layers down and explore what the best flavour is. We have even found out that the historical Bolognese sauce contained a mixture of all the meats and hardly contained much tomato flesh at all. This most likely results in a dark brown rich almost casserole style flavour . Interesting to say the least. One thing we all did agree on is that the best Bolognese sauces need to be cooked slow and given time to evolve into viscose and rich soft textured sauces. So no matter what the meat, the secret seems to come from the slow process. So next time you are deciding what to put into your pasta sauce, let the experimenting start and why not explore something different and tasty !!! Thank you for reading