What a challenging first half of the year it’s been. 2020 reminds us of the important stuff in life and how we should just really be grateful for all the small things that make life special. Family and loved ones remind us of how important it really is to stop and smell the roses. All the other stresses will sort themselves out mechanically, but the magic in life is about passion and real emotional engagement

At our workplace we have had to face so many new challenges that after 30 years of being in business, we have had to learn new ways of coping with the new way to operate our business.

We have taken the approach in this manor.

1 – we can’t control what is out of our control

2 – look at what we can and can’t do – legally and logistically

3 – what worked for us in the past

4 -what did we learn

5 – focus in the future on what we are good at

6 – how can we add greater value to our community

We are ready to jump into the next half of 2020 and want to keep evolving and making people have a good experience when it comes to celebrating events

In short, WATCH THIS SPACE – is what I’m talking about. Yes, we have had to face challenges, like never before, but keep in mind that we are using all our new experience to make our business one of the best event services in Melbourne

Thanks for reading