Don’t forget to think hard about who is sitting with who 

I was at an event last Saturday and it struck me at how important it is to be around great company when celebrating events

Now It is impossible to predict everyones mood and plan for everyone to be in an awesome spirit when organising a party , but It is in your power to create a guest list that will encourage people to have fun 

It is so important to stop for a minute and think about who is sitting with who. 

Make sure that the age groups are spot on as well . I have actually seen senior couples get seated on tables of 20 year olds and well, you can imagine that after the small talk ended, most of the guests just moved to other tables. 

One of our customers even made plastic cards with everyones name on it so they could physically visualise which people were sitting with who. 

Anyway , that was just a quick one from me this week after my top experiece last week of sitting with some aweseome people on my table. The night couldn’t have gone any better. However as far as the food and drinks go that they were serving, I’ll leave that for another night 🙂